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Sustainable Food Ingredients

We are developing sustainable insect-based protein ingredients for food

Our initial effort is focused on protein ingredients extracted from mealworms.

Using biotechnology, we carefully tailor the protein functionality to potentialized nutrition and sensorial experience in food.

Our clean products are suitable for food and beverage applications, particularly those that are within protein fortification products (e.g. bakery, savoury, alternative meat, health and nutrition).


Angela Ruales Salcedo (CSO & Co-founder)

PhD. Chemical and Agri-food-industrial Engineer with 4+ years experience in research, bioprocess design and implementation at lab and pilot scale. Specialist in enzyme technology.

Luna Santacoloma

(CEO & Co-founder)

MSc., Agriculture (Entomology) and Agronomic Engineer with 19+ years experience in agrobusiness management and leader in innovation and technology transfer. Specialist in insect production.

Paloma Santacoloma

(CFO & Co-founder)

MBA, PhD. Chemical and biochemical Engineer with 7+ years experience in process and product development and management in the food ingredient industry

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